How to Master Every Date Night and Look Gorgeous AF


Whether it's the first date or the 100th date, I always think it's worth putting some effort into looking good and feeling sexy for a night out with your guy. I know with our busy schedules it sometimes feels impossible to slow down and squeeze in a romantic night out, but I think nights like this should be mandatory. We shouldn't take them for granted and we should always find time to celebrate time with our men, regardless of what you do for "date night".

I'm going to share with you my tips for going confidently into your evening out. These 5 tips may seem like no brainers, but they are guaranteed to have you feeling cool, calm, collected, and gorgeous AF! 

  1. RELAX- If this is your early into your relationship, you may be feeling butterflies or your nerves getting the best of you. If you are well into your relationship, you may feel like rushing through getting ready and even your date, because this is just 1 of 50 other things on your to do list today. Whichever scenario you may find yourself in, just relax. Let's slow down and enjoy these moments. I always like to turn on music that is soothing and sexy. My go to is SADE. Her voice makes you feel like a goddess! I also like to light some candles, I prefer scents that are a mixture of feminine and masculine. I love Cinderose by Boy Smells. Pour yourself a glass of wine, and enjoy this YOU time while you get ready for US time. Disclaimer: Please only drink one glass, we want you to remember your name by the start of dinner. :) 




2. Exfoliate and De Fuzz - I don't think I need to elaborate here, but I will share some of my favorite products! My favorite exfoliant for the body is Coco Rose by Herbivore. It is a coconut oil body polish that leaves your skin feeling silky with just a subtle scent of roses and coconuts. So soft and feminine. For my face I like to exfoliate with Tatcha Polished Rice Enzyme Powder. This product leaves my face feeling soft. This is not an abrasive exfoliant that leaves redness on the face or your skin looking irritated.  Let's also not forget about our lips! My two favorite lip scrubs are Sara Happ's Red Velvet lip scrub, or French Girl Cosmetics Rose Lip Polish


3. Hydrated Skin and Dewy Makeup - This naturally, is my favorite part. If it is not Halloween and you aren't stepping into a war zone, leave the clown makeup and war paint for a different occasion. Ladies, we way too often OVERDO this part. Spending too much time in front of the mirror is dangerous. Mirrors should legit come with that warning label. Anyways... Your skin should be dewy and fresh. Men HATE dry cakey skin. If you have time, do a quick hydrating face mask and remove with a warm damp towel to open up your pores before starting your makeup. My favorite mask for this is Hibiscus Smoothing Mask by Chantecaille. It leaves your skin feeling fresh, brighter, and radiant! For your makeup, I recommend opting for a weightless foundation, so your skin looks like skin, not foundation. My two favorites are Becca Aqua Luminous or Hourglass Cosmetics Veil Oil Free Foundation. Keep your blush soft. Stay away from bright pinks, your want your cheeks to look naturally flushed, like he just made you blush ;). Keep your eyebrows soft as well. Brows should always be soft and feminine. That "instagram brow" is not even cute on instagram, so please don't bring it into the real world either. If you are blonde, your eyebrows should be 1-2 shades darker than your hair. Just a little rule of thumb! Find balance with your look. Sex up your eyes with soft smokey shades and keep your lips glossy and nude ( avoid matte lips for dates and kissing, they tend to dry out your lips, making them look chapped and cracky ).  If you opt for a red lip, keep the eyes neutral. Statistics actually prove that red lips increase attractiveness and make you feel more confident. For more on finding tips on how to rock nude lipstick or red lipstick, refer to my past blog posts! 

4. Effortless Hair - This isn't a beauty pageant where that rule, "The higher the hair the closer to God" applies. In fact, I think that rule is a bit outdated, period. A slightly tousled look is usually the most attractive. You look beautiful, effortlessly. You want him to also be able to run his fingers through your hair without running into knots where you teased a little too much at the root, or his fingers leave your hair with gunk all over from the overuse of products. My two favorite products to achieve that slightly messy look are Kevin Murphy Doo.Over and Eleven Australia Sea Salt Texture Spray. You may have to check with your local salons to see who carries these. If you live in Charlotte, NC , check out Heirloom Salon!  Apply these to your hair after curling with a wand, and you've got sexy beach waves no matter where you live! 

5. Dress to impress without the stress - If this is a first date, I know we go crazy about WTF to wear. We send photos to our group chats to take votes, we destroy our closet until our bedroom looks like a tornado and now you can't find your damn dog anywhere! Happens to the best of us. Woooosah ladies! My go to outfit is something you definitely already have in your closet, men love it, and it probably didn't even cross your mind as you laid out all of these ridiculous over the top trendy options over your bed. High waisted ripped skinny jeans, a black body suit, and sexy stilettos. BAM! Sexy, confident, casual, and classy all in one. In the event you are anything like me, which is notorious for ripping things on my way to anything important...have a plan B outfit just in case. We want to avoid any mental breakdowns on a night like this. Also, dress for the occasion. Stilettos and laser tag generally don't mesh.  

Now, get out there and enjoy yourself! If you have enough time beforehand, I am also available for spray tans and makeup appointments :) -- Please tab over to my menu of services for more info!