Be Pretty On The Inside Too


I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, but I will say it again…BEAUTY BEGINS IN THE BELLY!

A healthy gut is the key to radiant, beautiful skin and overall good health! Having an unhealthy gut is when major health and skin problems happen. This can be caused by overuse of medications, unhealthy diet, stress, lack of sleep, and hormones in your food and skincare. Inflammation in your gut results in inflammation in your skin which causes a decline in your collagen production and elasticity. Save yourself all that money you spend on numerous facial treatments and start investing in your guts.

Most of you know I now lead a plant based diet which has done wonders for my body, my health, and my skin. On top of the food I put into my body, I make sure to incorporate supplements into my diet as well. I introduced a liquid Collagen supplement from The Beauty Chef into my morning routine about 5 months ago and I have seen really great improvements in my skin. The Beauty Chef is a line of bio-fermented, wholefood nutrition with prebiotics and probiotics that help you achieve healthy, plump, glowing skin. The first time I had even heard of liquid collagen was from Kourtney Kardashian, but the kind she uses contained animal products. After a lot of research, I found this plant based line and it has been a perfect addition to my routine. 

Here are the three products I now use regularly, and hopefully you can incorporate into your beauty routine too! 


  • Collagen Beauty Boost: This product, at no surprise, helps to boost collagen production in your skin and replenish collagen we lose during the aging process. This product helps to balance your digestive tract and boost radiance in your skin. It has smoothed out bumps in my skin, dark spots from the sun have lightened, and I’ve heard from girlfriends who suffered with acne that this has helped minimize their breakouts. The skin on my forehead and around my eyes looks and feels smoother. This liquid collagen is literally like sipping your way to younger skin. I mix it into water or into my smoothies in the morning. It tastes delicious and goes best in my opinion with a berry smoothie.


  • Glow Advanced Inner Beauty powder : This product boosts collagen, improves gut health, and is magical for your hair, skin, and nails. This is great too if you need a hydration boost for your skin and maybe your skincare is not quite cutting it. This is like drinking an expensive moisturizer or serum, LOL, I swear, it’s that good. This product is a powder so you can mix this into your smoothies, sprinkle it on top of your food, and for extra benefits, I mix this with the liquid collagen.


  • Antioxidant Beauty Boost : I don’t take this product every day, but if I wake up feeling sluggish or like I am getting sick, I throw this into the mix as well. This product is also great if your skin is looking dull or if you’ve been traveling a lot and airplanes and weather change have wreaked havoc on that beautiful face.


The lesson here is that while your skincare routine is so crucial to healthy skin and youthful skin, it isn’t just about what we layer on top of the skin, but also what you are doing to your insides. The keys to healthy skin are SO EASY, yet so few of us actually do it! Drink more water, cut out processed foods, candy, meat, and dairy. You may look fine now, but years of unhealthy eating habits will eventually creep up on you. Switching to a plant based diet, supplements included has been life changing. Be real with yourself, where could you improve? How do you want to look and feel right now? 10 years from now? Be good to yourselves, it shows! 

xo, Lauren Nicole